AnimeMUD: Return of a great MUD


AnimeMUD has been around off and on for a couple of decades. With mostly the nostalgic feel behind the mud, I had decided to bring it back to the forefront. With new races, new race evolutions like the Vampire evolution the Methuselah as well as bringing in other flavors from AnimeMUD 2. The combination of the great old Anime and the really good Anime 2 as well as tossing in our own flavors for the mud, and balancing PK, we feel things are coming together on a serious positive note. So come one and come all to AnimeMUD. With a fun staff and fun players all the way around. There is also generally always someone around that is willing to help with new players especially.

Login to: port 9000

Some areas are unique, and of course, some are stock. Unique skills and spells. Unique race evolutions with more coming. Player arenas, autoquesting, quest gear and more! So come look us up! See you in Neo Tokyo!