About Text Muds - Where are we headed?


yeah I really liked that demo Hyena, I would almost recommend you start a new thread regarding this work and its updates.

I know I would follow it.


I was thinking the same thing, so I will make a dedicated development thread for that MUD. You guys would obviously be very helpful when brainstorming for new ideas.


Honestly I’m pretty optimistic about MUs. I’m relatively new to the hobby in a lot of ways, where I played a few MUDs when I was a kid then didn’t touch them for like decades, and got hooked into roleplaying a few years back and decided to give this a shot. After trying it, I decided that the format offered something nothing else could, and even among much younger players I hear that sentiment a lot. That in terms of organization of stories and overlapping narratives, other formats just have a hard time managing that.


I think we all are! I started when I was a kid back in the early 90’s and cannot find anything that matches
the level of game play and countless thousands of hours of replay you can get out of a mud.


Personally, I’m just here for MU*s with a primary focus on RP. I’m one of those relatively new players (only learned about MUDs maybe… three years ago?) who vastly prefers graphical to text for pure gameplay. There’s quite a bit you can do in a graphical game that you just can’t do with text commands - and combat in particular feels much more satisfying to boot. That said, it’s really freaking hard to get good solid collaborative storytelling done when everyone’s just after those sweet XP gainz, sooo… here I am.

I’m sorta without a MU* right now, though, and looking for one that doesn’t do its RP in hours-long scenes. MUSHes are nice and all, but that has wrecked my sleep schedule something fierce. So, I gotta make do with something else, and that seems kinda hard to find.


Bravo, and well said! It’s wonderful to see a positive attitude like this, when the hobby has been so toxic at times in the past. Personally, I think what makes text-based MU*s so effective is their level of immersion. Relying wholly on the imagination and the written word, there’s never a question of graphic quality, or of the limitations of interface, or of how much control one has over one’s avatar–you just tell a story, and you have tremendous freedom to do so. That’s always been the draw for me, anyway.

Oh, and by the by, just because you mentioned it–I’ve just posted another thread about the primary game we currently run, and it’s based largely on TV shows! Check it out at its [https://tmcchat.discoursehosting.net/t/at-the-crossroads-mux/](http://MUD Promotions Thread) if you’re curious.


Well, guess I put the URL in wrong. Oops!


It’s tricky. Like I very rarely have time for long stretches myself, so I often I have pretty short scenes, but most of my players tend to have longer styles since they are mostly mush players with a smaller contingent from RPIs. I think there can be overlap, and people are understanding of someone wanting to have short, organic interactions, but I think it can still be a toss up in finding people that have just the right style you’re looking for.


What Graphical Games are lacking in:

Expansive Command Options - Limited Controller Commands: In a MUD you can have hundreds if not thousands of commands if you really want that. By nature, Graphical games that utilize a controller or mouse as primary input, will have limits on game complexity.

Imagination - text allows you to tailor your mind to how you present the game to yourself. One person’s vision of a specific city will differ from another - and ultimately the player gets to decide how an area feels and looks in their own mind, without conflicting with another’s opinion.

Player Killing - I can’t really imagine the PK experience outside of a MUD interface. Anything else is more or less tame. MUDs, or at least the one I grew up on, is the only experience i remember that would get my adrenaline pumped up for 15-20 minutes AFTER the kill. No amount of XBOX or Nintendo or PC games will ever come close to that.


Very few players want to play a console screen. Text commands in graphic MUD’s is bad.

Sure, text can surely spark the imagination, but few people actually read room descriptions let alone quest text even in the graphical game space. No one has the time to read a book and play a game at the same time.

Majority of MUD PvP is safe PvP. The same is very true for most online graphical games. In meaning, hard loss on PvP is very rare in both genres of games. I will say, games like EVE Online, where you can lose everything on your ship or even have your entire character stripped for a scam, would be a graphical game that drives people beyond increase adrenaline though.